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Thinking about Willie

Not very successful today with the laydown. Just couldn't get that relaxed. Since it's so dry down here in the Fe, especially in winter, your skin just tinkles like you've taken a dose of niacin, like small pin pricks happening all over. Have to do some major creaming to fight that and I suppose us guys just don't take the time. Got to thinking about back in the day, sex of course, but if you have read some of the other pieces you know that's a popular laydown subject so you're not surprised. Of course one of the major concerns with men, especially young men, is popping the weasel too soon, sometimes way too soon. Not only is it embarrassing but not the studly way you want to be. A big ego crusher. Probably due to being way worked up, way too soon. When you're going down that highway it's hard to reverse, near impossible, a done dog deal. Now this is where Willie comes in, Willie Mays, the baseball great. So you're feeling that pre-mature weasel pop and you think "oh no". Immediately your mind changes from doing the deed to imagining Willie scaling the wall, making a terrific catch, firing the ball to third attempting to score a double play. If you've made it this far, it's on to Willie at bat ready to knock one out of the park, running the bases, crowd going wild. At least it was a plan.

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