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Dining with Di

No rest for the weary today. Hopefully my dogs with get a little shut-eye, as I lay there with eyes shut and mind just clipping along. Well folks I know you are not going to believe this, but yes, the Noble, your humble narrator has dined with Princess Diana. It was in a dream but I was there. Let's set the stage. I had been invited to join Charles and the boys for a tribute to the deceased Princess along with other important guests and friends. We started out on a walk down a street in London to the place where Diana had been buried for a memorial and supper compliments of Charles. It was a thrill walking stride for stride along the Prince and the boys. Well finally we arrived at the location and a big tent had been set up for the gathering with a large buffet supper on display. Charles thanked all his guests for coming and invited them to partake in the buffet. And with much pride he announced "I'm very happy to say we have possum on the menu tonight". Yikes, I think, "no way" and serve myself a plate of other treats. After I finish and am thinking about going for seconds I see Princess Di at the table having a bite. Is she real or a ghost? Not sure. Nonetheless I approach her, and in my biggest redneck Southern drawl, I say " I thank I'll git me some more of that thar possum" She cracks up and I then wake up, laughing with her.

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