The writer at work.


Eyes wide shut, but for some reason I'm revved up and unable to contemplate sleep. I feel very tired but seem unable to do anything about it. So here we go with the thoughts. The amount to which a person succeeds often boils down to the amount of charisma they possess. I think I may have had some back in the day, as in both Xerox Schools I was the MVP, although at that point I really did not know why. They saw something in me that I did not. Perhaps a spirit, a raw talent, possibly BS. It's something that you are born with and grows as you build confidence, but your self-esteem needs to stay intact. That's the key ingredient and it's becoming a rare commodity. I know I struggled with it early on. Doubting yourself can be a real roadblock I'm not painting myself as the guy who did it right, as a parent, because I sucked at times. I could become the kid instead of the parent, and often. So do not fuck it up bro. You will regret it down the road. I know I do. I think my mom may have made it difficult for me but for some reason I always had enough attitude and the ability to push through. Her insecurities were not mine. I have my own. Peace Mom and I love you.

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