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Noble comes clean

Yeah, Noble in the Motor City on a sales/follow-up mission, 1998. Dinner and drinks with my man John, in a wheel chair being pushed by a dude, hired to do it. He got hit by a car at night in the downtown area a few weeks prior. Rehabilitation in the works. John, very well known in the downtown Detroitlet area. I was amazed at that. He should run for mayor, definitely win. We recently did a big Ford shoot in LA . After many drinks, John says
" Let's go to Tony and Tina's wedding". I'm thinking, why not. If he's in, then I'm in. The elevator opened and we were there. Wedding party in progress. The Noble scopes the scene, grazes the goodie table, possibly buys a beverage or two. Dance floor looks interesting, and you know the Nob, got to impress the crowd with the Infamous Dance Moves. Johnny Wad, Snapping Puscums, West Coast Turn-A-Round, Curly Strut followed by of course, the drop down Gator, done twice. Well, I was asked to leave, kicked out of Tony and Tina's. Four letter works flowing, back and forth as I headed to the elevator. Walked back to the hotel, reved-up. Weeks later I found out Tony n' Tina's was a play. I felt stupid. I know film but obviously not off-broadway. Advertised as "participate in the reception, dance" Bullshit, they should of paid me for the effort, I plused it, gave it edge, made it better, whether at the time I knew it or not. Actually proud of the moment in retrospect.

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